Author: Sachiko
• 金曜日, 4月 01st, 2011


I went to the park near our house today for a while with my husband. We did bird watching and took some pictures; they were nice and it was a very peaceful shoot! I wanna show them off for you. because…

If you could feel happy and I could make a smile^o^ for you, I would be very happy.

日々の中に こうした小さな幸せって いっぱいあるんだね…

明日もまた みんな笑顔のある1日でありますように。。

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2 Responses

  1. 素敵な写真ですね☆プロ写真のようです♪桜のこの時期、ピンクに染まった桜に癒され、桜の花びらが舞うとまた素敵。。。

  2. ありがとう〜♪^^空のブルーと桜のピンク、めじろのグリーンがすごくマッチでしょ。


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